Friday, August 01, 2014

Altogether vs. All together

Altogether (pronoun+adverb) means jointly; collectively at the same place or in the same time.

Usage note: All together is used only in sentences that can be rephrased so that all and together may be separated by other words.
  • The guests arrived all together.
  • All the guests arrived together.
  • The old newspapers lay all together in a heap. 
  • All the old newspapers lay together in a heap.
  • Sam was most happy when we were all together.
  • Sam was most happy when we all were together.
Altogether (adverb) means with everything included; entirely; with all counted; all told; on the whole; completely; totally; taking everything into consideration.
  • I stopped visiting her house altogether.
  • We collected altogether $1000.
  • Altogether it was great day.