Thursday, July 31, 2014

Disinterested vs. Uninterested

Disinterested means impartial; free of bias and self-interest; without a stake in; not influenced by considerations of personal advantage.
  • Sam as a banker offered his disinterested advise to his client.
  • A judge is always under an obligation to give a disinterested judgement.
Uninterested means not interested; indifferent.
  • Since she discovered skating, she is uninterested in her schoolwork.
  • Sarah was always uninterested in the gossips involving the famous stars.
Usage Note: In traditional english usage, disinterested cannot be used in the same way as uninterested. But despite critical disapproval, disinterested has come to be widely used by many educated writers to mean uninterested. Despite its resuscitation, this usage is widely considered an error.